Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sorting my life out.

Hey guys, I'm really sorry for missing yesterdays post, I was home being sick.

So, onto the matter at hand.

I'm currently going through a rather difficult phase, I feel that I need to sort my life out if I'm not going to break down completely, I fear I might be manic depressive and I need to see someone..

I just felt like giving you a quick heads up, after all, you've stuck around here for the short while I wrote. I will be back, I can promise that. But right now, everything is just a clusterfuck and I can't deal with life as it is, I'll hopefully see you again in a couple of weeks, by then I hope to at least have recouped a bit.

But yeah, sorry to leave you short of any new gamereviews or heads up, I promise I'll make up for it later on!

Thank you for reading and not judging me. After all I'm just another nerd I suppose, although one that isn't quite happy.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Direction of this blog..?

Seeing how I got good response to the Mass Effect 3 review I feel like this is the area I should stick most to, gaming.

Possibly anything gaming related as well in that case, this would include; new energy drinks, bigger lanparties (Dreamhack etc.), gamecons (E3, PAX and all that) and of course upcoming releases and reviews of already played games. How do you guys feel about that? I'm doing anything to make this as interesting for you as possible.

Seeing how I'm a little short on cash at the moment and the ads here are doing rather bad as well as school taking a lot of time, I'll probably go back to reviewing some older games (old as in Deus Ex: Human Revolution for example).

I have a lot of games laying around that might be worth while playing again.

But as I said, it all comes down to you. Leave a comment telling me if you think this is good or if I should just keep this casual.

See you guys soon!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Mass Effect 3 Review

Okay.. As some of you may have seen I said I'd do the Mass Effect 3 review next week. Well, that changed.

I though it'd be a good idea to do it now, seeing as my memory is still fresh and I'm bored.


I'm not gonna do anything too long, just basically go through the pros, cons and my personal opinions on the game.

First off, the pros. Wow... Uhm, there are a lot of them. The Mass Effect series always struck me as very "open", so to speak. You were free to do whatever you wanted and depending on what you did, it would affect the game later on or maybe even the next one entirely, this is one of the things that the game hasn't lost.

There are still a nice amount of moral choices that will at some stages leave you thinking; "Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck... What the hell do I do?" and yes, that is a good thing. Some of the things you have to do will leave you with a heavy sense of guilt and some with a sense of accomplishment. Either way, you will in some way be affected by the choices if you, like me, are either a loving fan of the Mass Effect series or just a hardcore gamer that plays for the experience and not just to be able to say "Hey d000dz I haz a qwadrillion 85 deathknighz"...

And let's face it. That last one makes you look like a retard.

If you're into the actionpacked parts of the game, that is here too. Mass Effect has a hefty arsenal where you are free to upgrade and switch to your hearts delight. There's also a nice selection of armor, although the disappointing part here is that no matter how hard you try to put a good set together, the premade sets that are available for purchase always seems to top them off, at least that's how it seemed to me considering I played as a biotic.

And of course, a Mass Effect game wouldn't be complete without a handful of warm reunions and there is plenty of that.

Now... Onto the bitter part of this review, and oh boy.. This game has quite a few "flaws".

As much as Mass Effect has always been a game based on the choices you as the player makes, I find it sad that so little of what you do here actually matters, it doesn't matted if you play along the lines of a paragon or a renegade, in the end you'll just end up with a couple of choices that doesn't in any way reflect upon your preferred playing style, but I'll get to that in a minute.

Second up, the more "major" flaws that even a person who just started out with Mass Effect would notice.

The animation has taken a severe step down from ME and ME2, the lipsynch is off, there are so many graphic bugs I can't even count them and it basically looks like every character is secretly thinking "Meh, the reapers are here.. I've got better things to do" at all times, there are however a few exceptions, such as Liara (fuck you, I like (banged) her).

It's not like the facial expressions of Shepard or, well, anybody for that matter, were actually top notch from the start, but you'd think that they would've at least tried to keep the creepy- "I will kill your family in front of your eyes" -stares that you get from the commander at times, to a minimum.

Can you guess what the last part is going to be about..? Absolutely correct, the ending!

Now, at first glance, I was way too caught up in the moment trying to keep myself from crying to actually be able to criticize the ending directly. However, I looked around at some of the other endings, seeing how I am in fact one lazy bastard, and found that they all basically were the same. Except for some minor (and yes I mean very fucking minor) changes, the endings are identical.

Some people insist on saying that there are 16 different endings, but I say bullshit. 16 different endings doesn't mean the same one with slightly different colors, it means 16 unique and extremely different endings, which we didn't get. BioWare, FIX THIS SHIT!

Now as I said before, ME is a series highly dedicated to the players choices as he goes through the galaxy trying to save stuff, but to my surprise, the choices you did ended up meaning nothing. Absolutely nothing.

You are faced with three different paths and that's it. Shepard dies. The world is saved. Whoopdiedoo...

There are just so many blanks! Firstly, the mass relays are destroyed, so how the hell would the fleets and armies get back to their homeworlds?! They would seriously just be stuck on earth killing each other and then all die.

Secondly, you see Joker flying away from a mass relay beam that is chasing him. WHY?! Why would one of the main characters best friends just run away like that and leave him for dead?!

I suppose it's about time I summed this up now.

All in all, there's much room for improvement and BioWare just can't seem to decide whether Shepard is supposed to stay dead or not. But I did enjoy the game a whole lot as well so I can't go all out bad either.

I suppose if the ending, which was the biggest killer for this storyline, would have been different this would have been a 10/10 game, no doubt.

Graphics: 7/10 - Fix the bugs!
Sound: 10/10 - Excellent voice acting and music
Story 7/10 - Way too many gaps for a Mass Effect game, not cool.
Combat 7/10 - It literally changes from "lollipopland" to "complete and utter shitstorm" during the course of 30 seconds.

Summary: 7.5/10 - Well worth the money, but the DLC's better be free or heads will roll...

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Mass Effect! Finally!

Another day, another.. Thing, to talk about I guess.

If you've read my previous entries you'll know that I had a test in social studies today, it actually went rather well! Probably not. I think I might have saved myself from that "F". What are you? Stupid? You failed.


Yeah I probably didn't do super good, but I'm hoping to at least pass this, that way I have shot.

Since I didn't have any more studies I decided to sit down and play some Mass Effect 3, which I am hoping to finish this week.

When you're not in fast and unforgiving firefights, you actually get to see and hear a lot of small talk, gossip, rumors and some other stuff,. This is the thing that makes this game, and the ones before it, so special. At least to me, since I need a good story in order to enjoy a game. I remember overhearing James and Garrus (human and alien allies) talking about all the different "epic" stuff they had done for the galaxy and in different lines of work. I stayed in the background and watched the discussion unfold, then it stopped, at the time it seemed rather short, so I went about with business.

I came back to the same spot about 30 seconds later just to hear them starting a second part, this made me smile extremely wide (no, seriously, I looked like a fucking moron) and I stayed for this as well. Then when it stopped, I went into another room for about 2 seconds and returned just to hear the last part of the argument.

I know this may sound weird, or right down stupid to some people. But for me, gaming is like watching a movie that you get to interact with, which I sincerely enjoy. Games have made me cry, where movies haven't, they've made me feel more happy than any movie ever have. So for me, gaming isn't just a hobby, it's something I partially do to get away from reality a while, but also to experience the feelings of the character you play.

I'm probably gonna end this here so I don't bore you to death, I just felt like writing this.

Oh, and before I go, would you guys like to see a Mass Effect 3 review coming up here soon? It's all up to you to decide yes or no.

Thanks for reading, I'll see you guys next time!

Monday, April 16, 2012

CISPA, Anonymous... And a ton of studies.

Don't really know why I'm making this post as I should be studying, I suppose I want to just hand something out to my two very loyal followers, haha!

So yeah, as I said, I was studying, more exactly for a social studies exam, considering how it is my worst subject and I need to ace this in order to get an E, I'd say taking this blogger break is beginning to seem more and more retarded by the second. But then again, I felt like doing it. So fuck logic.

I'm trying to think of something good to write about... Hm, let's see...

Oh yes! The latest updates surrounding Anonymous were rather interesting considering some of the "targets", so to speak. 

If you don't know what Anonymous is, then I'm afraid you'll just have to look it up yourself, but in short; They're a hacktivist group that stands up for democracy. At least that's my perception of it.

So yeah, the target list... It's a rather hefty amount of names with lots of the big guys out there such as, Boeing, AT&T, Intel and a whole bunch of others.

The two that caught my attention the most were actually Facebook and Microsoft. Yes, you read that right.

This is all in response to the new censorship law CISPA in the US, which is basically a worse type of SOPA, which I'm sure you've all heard of by now.

I'll probably end it here and post a couple of links to some interesting videos.

What CISPA is (rather long, but give it the time):

Thank you guys for reading, I'll see you soon!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday the 13th..?

So... Rather interesting day..

Just kidding, it was school, what could've possibly happened?

Well, turns out one of my exams went well which is always a good sign, I'll also possibly be able to raise a grade to an E from a certain F. We also went home early due to a cancelled class, that's always nice.

But yeah... Friday the 13th, eh? Wasn't really expecting anything to happen, but just as I thought that my music froze and the fucking screen on my laptop went apeshit. Then I got the infamous bluescreen. I shouldn't really complain since it just restarted and I didn't loose anything (I think).

Still, kinda weird that the second I think it, everything on the PC go straight to hell.

I really don't know what else to say since I kinda need to get back to my studies and then get some sleep, so I suppose I'll leave you with a couple of random pics!

See you guys later!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

It was worth the wait! ;_;


I've been waiting for this moment for ages! Monster Rehab is finally in Sweden and I think I'm becoming addicted.

For those of you that don't know Monster Rehab that well, it's basically a mixture of lemonade, green tea (I think) and the regular monster. Low on calories, uncarbonated and it will give you the best fucking drinkgasm of your LIFE!

We also recently got the blue Burn, which also is amazing, really hard to describe the taste though.. Just really sweet. This one is carbonated though and WILL fuck up your teeth much more than the Rehab, haha.

Now, I'm don't wanna say that they are good for you. But damn they're good for you! Not in a healty "I only eat lo-carb shit" way, but just really awesome. For some reason it seems to improve my focus... Which is a first since I usually don't react to caffeine...

Sorry for the product-whoring, but I just felt the need to write this since this is now one of my favourites.

Talk to you guys later!

Speaking of clusterfuc*s...

So yeah...

Won't be able to post too much stuff seeing as school is deciding to be a bitch and go tsunami on me, homework style.

I'll try to get back into gaming ASAP (as it is the love of my life)! I really need to finish Mass Effect 3 to see if the endig truly is as shitty as everyone says... Oh well, I suppose I'll just have to keep pondering on that. I will NOT watch a damn let's-play!

I'm really tired so I'll keep this short, I gotta study for one more test that is on Tuesday, then I'll probably take 3 - 4 days and finish ME3. Hopefully. And I also need to get back into SWtOR... Oh! And Minecraft..

This is just a fustercluck of stuff.

I need to recouperate...

I'll see you guys next time!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Minecraft? Minecraft.

Okay, so just a quick update before I get some z's..

Hm.. I suppose the biggest change is that I started with minecraft again after a long time away from it.
I suppose I started to think "wtf" when all the RPG elements came into picture, the exp, the potions, enchanting etc, you guys know what I'm saying.

It just didn't feel like the game that was made just for creative minds that wanted a little challenge, it felt like some failed mix between Dragon Age and SimCity.. I really can't describe it, it was just appaling to me.

Now I decided to pick up from where I left off on a whitelist server currently owned by PC-Gamer, I have to say it's rather impressive what they've done with the place. Everything is mined by hand and also made by hand, they have an extremely friendly communtiy that is very helpful at all times. It's a very good place to start again I think, I played on this server during spring break and I couldn't have spent the gamehours better.

I also started playing SWtOR a while back, but that will be a topic for another time. Right now, I need to get some sleep and tomorrow continue with school.

See you guys later!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

First Entry ahoy!

So yeah, just started this because of no appearant reason. Thought I'd just dedicate this blog to different things I like... Mostly gaming I suppose.

Anyways, see you around guys :)