Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sorting my life out.

Hey guys, I'm really sorry for missing yesterdays post, I was home being sick.

So, onto the matter at hand.

I'm currently going through a rather difficult phase, I feel that I need to sort my life out if I'm not going to break down completely, I fear I might be manic depressive and I need to see someone..

I just felt like giving you a quick heads up, after all, you've stuck around here for the short while I wrote. I will be back, I can promise that. But right now, everything is just a clusterfuck and I can't deal with life as it is, I'll hopefully see you again in a couple of weeks, by then I hope to at least have recouped a bit.

But yeah, sorry to leave you short of any new gamereviews or heads up, I promise I'll make up for it later on!

Thank you for reading and not judging me. After all I'm just another nerd I suppose, although one that isn't quite happy.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Direction of this blog..?

Seeing how I got good response to the Mass Effect 3 review I feel like this is the area I should stick most to, gaming.

Possibly anything gaming related as well in that case, this would include; new energy drinks, bigger lanparties (Dreamhack etc.), gamecons (E3, PAX and all that) and of course upcoming releases and reviews of already played games. How do you guys feel about that? I'm doing anything to make this as interesting for you as possible.

Seeing how I'm a little short on cash at the moment and the ads here are doing rather bad as well as school taking a lot of time, I'll probably go back to reviewing some older games (old as in Deus Ex: Human Revolution for example).

I have a lot of games laying around that might be worth while playing again.

But as I said, it all comes down to you. Leave a comment telling me if you think this is good or if I should just keep this casual.

See you guys soon!