Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sorting my life out.

Hey guys, I'm really sorry for missing yesterdays post, I was home being sick.

So, onto the matter at hand.

I'm currently going through a rather difficult phase, I feel that I need to sort my life out if I'm not going to break down completely, I fear I might be manic depressive and I need to see someone..

I just felt like giving you a quick heads up, after all, you've stuck around here for the short while I wrote. I will be back, I can promise that. But right now, everything is just a clusterfuck and I can't deal with life as it is, I'll hopefully see you again in a couple of weeks, by then I hope to at least have recouped a bit.

But yeah, sorry to leave you short of any new gamereviews or heads up, I promise I'll make up for it later on!

Thank you for reading and not judging me. After all I'm just another nerd I suppose, although one that isn't quite happy.