Monday, April 9, 2012

Minecraft? Minecraft.

Okay, so just a quick update before I get some z's..

Hm.. I suppose the biggest change is that I started with minecraft again after a long time away from it.
I suppose I started to think "wtf" when all the RPG elements came into picture, the exp, the potions, enchanting etc, you guys know what I'm saying.

It just didn't feel like the game that was made just for creative minds that wanted a little challenge, it felt like some failed mix between Dragon Age and SimCity.. I really can't describe it, it was just appaling to me.

Now I decided to pick up from where I left off on a whitelist server currently owned by PC-Gamer, I have to say it's rather impressive what they've done with the place. Everything is mined by hand and also made by hand, they have an extremely friendly communtiy that is very helpful at all times. It's a very good place to start again I think, I played on this server during spring break and I couldn't have spent the gamehours better.

I also started playing SWtOR a while back, but that will be a topic for another time. Right now, I need to get some sleep and tomorrow continue with school.

See you guys later!