Monday, April 16, 2012

CISPA, Anonymous... And a ton of studies.

Don't really know why I'm making this post as I should be studying, I suppose I want to just hand something out to my two very loyal followers, haha!

So yeah, as I said, I was studying, more exactly for a social studies exam, considering how it is my worst subject and I need to ace this in order to get an E, I'd say taking this blogger break is beginning to seem more and more retarded by the second. But then again, I felt like doing it. So fuck logic.

I'm trying to think of something good to write about... Hm, let's see...

Oh yes! The latest updates surrounding Anonymous were rather interesting considering some of the "targets", so to speak. 

If you don't know what Anonymous is, then I'm afraid you'll just have to look it up yourself, but in short; They're a hacktivist group that stands up for democracy. At least that's my perception of it.

So yeah, the target list... It's a rather hefty amount of names with lots of the big guys out there such as, Boeing, AT&T, Intel and a whole bunch of others.

The two that caught my attention the most were actually Facebook and Microsoft. Yes, you read that right.

This is all in response to the new censorship law CISPA in the US, which is basically a worse type of SOPA, which I'm sure you've all heard of by now.

I'll probably end it here and post a couple of links to some interesting videos.

What CISPA is (rather long, but give it the time):

Thank you guys for reading, I'll see you soon!


  1. Uh oh!!! Hacker collectives tend to be nowhere near forgiving as small groups.

    1. That's true. Anonymous has become a force to be reckoned with. Which is good =)

  2. Interesting, makes sense though, facebook is morally an awful company that sells peoples private info to the highest bidder.

    Good idea to do this though. I always find that essays are much easier to write if I'm actually interested in the topic.

    1. Couldn't agree with you more, on both parts.

      It's time Facebook takes the hit just like everyone else have had to do. They've only escaped so long because of the community of people on there, now it doesn't matter since the message that we will not let someone censor the web has to be spread.